How to Make Money off Your Writing Skills Online

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Do you think you have a flair for writing? Have you ever done a piece at school that won an award? Writing is a skill that many people neglect to nurture despite having had a talent at school, ignoring its potential as a moneymaker.

The internet lives on content, and great content is always in demand. You can make good money writing on all manner of subjects. If your writing skills have worn off over time it is time you polished them up again and started earning serious cash online.

What to write on

Technology, finance, health and fitness are some of the most popular subjects on the internet.  These are the best areas to dip your feet in and get the feel of the writing arena. You can start with areas like business, relationships and parenting as they do not need in depth technical skills. You can do great pieces with good research skills. Remember Google is your best friend, and while you do not need to be a marriage counselor to write on marriage, you need to get the basics straight.

For good money, try developing skills in technical writing. This will fetch better money as the writing skills involved are higher than average, and those who possess them are in fields other than writing. Doing whitepapers, financial reports or usability reviews will need more research time and expertise in the subject. Do not try to write on Fibonacci curves while you cannot remember the day’s rate of the dollar against the pound.

Where are the gigs?

You may be willing and have the skills, but where do you trade your skills? Content mills are your best bet if you are starting out. These are lenient on writing skills as they compensate by level of expertise; novices get to earn more as they work their way up the ranks.

Freelancer sites are also awash with writing gigs on a wide range of topics. Unfortunately, you have to present the best bid amid other bids by more experienced and cheaper writers. Jobs will be far in between for inexperienced writers as employers assess writers by bid price and other employer reviews. Building a rep will be the hardest thing, but once you get good reviews the money will roll in.

Your best path to good pay is by specializing in a particular niche. Easy to learn niches like business are ideal. Try a hand in financial writing for example, and specialize in a subject like money markets. Build up a rep as a respected voice in the field and start pitching to publications in the field that are willing to offer you serious money.

The pay

It all depends on what you are writing on. If you are doing SEO marketing articles for a content mill, expect the pay to be as low as $3 for 500 words. It is worse on freelancer sites where rates can go as $1.50 for 500 words.

On the other extreme you could fetch as much as $2500 for doing a 1200 words whitepaper on mobile marketing trends. Many writers will start from the low extreme upwards but putting extra time in specializing in a niche can have you halfway up the ladder in short time.

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