Blogging for Money: 3 Misconceptions That Are Stopping Beginners

Written by MMGuider

The world today is home to millions of blogs, with some started to generate or supplement income and others for mere fun. For anyone looking to start blogging as a way of earning money online, the process requires a set of skills, planning and general know-how. Luckily there are many blogs that are devoted to educate new bloggers on the basics of blogging for money and are easy to find.

But even as this is the case, some beginners are still experiencing difficulties in blogging and giving up before they even start. Why? Because they are still dining among these common misconceptions;

  1. The blogging market is saturated

Some beginners scare away from starting a blog the minute they see the large number of blogs out there on the internet. They believe that beginning to write on a niche that is already being written about is going to lead them to total failure. Due to this fear of failing, most of them abandon their will to start a blog and at the same time pass on what could have been a good opportunity.

What they do not realize is that this is just another misconception. While the market a beginner wants to venture in appears saturated, sometimes this is proof that blogging in that market will result to money. Instead of a beginner believing that a market is saturated, they should refocus this belief as a confirmation they can make money blogging.

  1. Blogging for money is only for marketers

Another misconception that exists is that for a blogger to make good money online they have to be great marketers. While there is some truth to this, the underlying factor of having to be a marketer is not in any way factual and beginners should not take this information at face value. Yes, marketing is a great factor for any business and blogging for money falls into this category.

However, a blogger is not required to be a marketer to make money online or to have studied a digital marketing course in order to earn money. Anyone who is dedicated to succeed in blogging as a way of earning money online can learn the basic skills required to help them market their content and gain a large audience. It does not have to be a certification.

  1. As long as one is a good writer, blogging for money is easy

Some blogs are misleading beginners with information that if a person loves to write then blogging for money should be easy. This is in no way a fact and many beginners have failed to succeed with their blogs based on this very notion. Once a person starts a blog on the notion that blogging for earning money is easy, they overlook the key aspects that contribute to blogging success and end up failing in the process.

While being a good writer is a necessary recipe towards blogging success, there is more to blogging for money than just writing content. Beginners need to understand this fact and learn the processes.

Blogging for money can be a great source of income for anyone with the passion and drive, but there is also a need to ward off common misconceptions if one is to succeed.

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