Blogging: Can You Really Make Money Out of It?

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So you have a lot of great ideas and a lot of opinions. You imagine yourself writing about your ideas and opinions, turning your thoughts into actually income. Blogging has become the pipe dream of hundreds and while some make success stories out of their blog content, many won’t. So what can you do to turn your dream of working from home and sharing your thoughts with the world into a reality?

1.Write about something that matters

You can’t just say I want a blog and expect it to be successful. You need a plan. What fascinates you? What topics catch your attention?

When you find something you enjoy writing about, that will show in your work. Write about something that matters to you.

2.Publish your work

You may have a great idea for a blog but you will never meet success if you don’t take chances. Build a website or sign up for a free community blog roll. Then write.

Put your content out there. Your ideas won’t be shared by others any other way. This is the first step to making your dream a reality.

3.Utilize Social Media Channels

In this day and age everyone is online. Social media channels are one of the most efficient and economical ways to share your content. Post a unique quip on twitter with a link to your blog or introduce your blog on Facebook. People are constantly scrolling through these channels. Someone is surely bound to click on your post. That one click could be the ticket to your ideas being shared.

Share as often as you can. Remind people that you are in the blog sphere. Don’t shy away from making your presence known.

4.Get Involved

So you finally made it. Your blog is online, you are actively sharing your content and are actively engaged in the blog world. Then, you receive your first comment.

Congratulations! Your work has engaged someone. Let them know this means something to you. Comment on their work or send them a Thank you email. You may just secure your first avid reader with your simple acknowledgement.

5.Promote, Promote, Promote

As mentioned before, social media has become an outlet for thousands of people. Everyone hopes their content will go viral. But nothing will go viral if you aren’t promoting your work. Link your content through other bloggers websites, leave insightful comments whenever you can.

Ask people to give your content a chance. By promoting yourself and promoting your work you can have a successful shot at gaining readers and fans.

6.Invite Guests Over

There was a time when blogging was simply a way for people to write about their random thoughts. Blogging didn’t have much purpose. Today however, things have changed. Bloggers have become real time advertisers, political activists, even financial advisors.

Having an outside blogger write content on your blog can be a great way to boost traffic. Maybe their opinion is just a bit different from yours? Well, That’s a good thing. You need variety on your blog; that is the only way to have engaging content. The more guests you invite to your blog space, the more engaging content you have to share with the world.

7.Use the power of E-mail

Maybe you have decided that you will only write three really great blog posts per week. Perhaps You have plans to post your content in advance. If that is the case, harness the power of email and contacts. Let your readers know that you will be posting.

Include links to various resources on your website even links to other bloggers. Sharing is caring in the blog world. And email is a surefire way to get the attention of your current and future readers.


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to monetize off your blog is with affiliate links. Did you find a great theme to show off your posts? Ask the creators of the theme if you can advertise their product. Generally, they won’t say no and every time someone downloads their product you get a cut. You help the creators and they help you make profit.

9.Take the good with the bad

You finally have readers, an email list and affiliate links. You are finally getting somewhere and then, it happens. Someone has something bad to say about your content. Take the comment. If anything, it is a compliment because people are reading YOUR content. Learn how to take the good with the bad.

10.Keep going

Blogging is a commitment. It takes time and above all, it takes patience. You can’t sit down in front of the computer and say today, I will start a blog and then leave it hanging. You can’t gain readership that way and you certainly won’t gain followers. You have to have the desire and the content to keep going. Find a way to motivate yourself and set goals. Maybe tomorrow you will make it a goal to simply have one follower. But that one follower has now shared your content with their followers and that is big. Set a goal for the long term. Do you want to live off your blog? Do you merely want it to be a platform for your agenda or ideas? Write it down, and make it happen.

Blogging can be a great outlet. It can also be a great way to meet your financial goals. Before you make the leap though make sure you have the time to commit and above all, make sure you feel confident enough to put your name out there. You have to back up what you say, think and feel with confidence. Blogging is all about becoming viral, posting the next big thing. Be creative and think outside the box but don’t stray from your ideas. The goal is not to be someone you aren’t. The goal is to spread your ideas and connect with a community that is much larger than you. If you use the steps above, and work hard at it, you may just be able to meet your own personal and financial life goals.

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