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Being able to work from home and telecommute is a highly desired and coveted feature of many jobs or being self employed. Most people who have a passion for writing are also naturally talented wordsmiths and being able to get paid for writing articles from home is a double incentive. There are various methods someone can take when wanting to make money online writing articles. Options include starting their own blog and website and earning money via advertisements from the traffic the site and articles generate, being a freelancer that sells articles for a straight up price, or a hybrid of the two where the traffic articles generates for another site dictates the payout.

Starting a blog and writing articles there gives much freedom. The topics that are written about, the amount of content, and the overall theme of not only the articles, but the entire site is in the control of the creator. This tactic also may have the biggest delay to generate a regular income stream and involves much more besides just writing. It could take months or years to generate the traffic and advertisements to come anywhere near a fulltime income, but the reward of a successful operation is definitely worth it in the end.

Working as a contractor with brokers that does the work of connecting you with clients and articles ready to write is another popular option for earning money article writing online. These broker sites often have available articles in a pool to choose from with the guideline requirements for the writing and the amount it pays listed upfront. These articles can provide more immediate income stream for writers who want to earn something sooner rather than later and helps build experience. There are literally hundreds of sites out there that provide such services and you could begin earning money as soon as tomorrow if you apply and get approved today.

There is also the option to write an article for a different website and being paid based off the traffic it generates. The more page views or clicks from the article to another site will raise the earnings for the posting. This takes the business and technical aspect out of running a website but can also provides the freedom and performance based earning aspect of having a blog and website.

There are also quite a few sites that allow writers to pitch ideas to them and they are then paid an agreed amount upfront after acceptance. This happens often with paid bloggers and online magazines. The amounts paid for these blog postings and articles are often higher than amounts for articles that are chosen from a pool and gives the writer much more creative and structural freedom. This can be anything from writing comedic news for a  jokes website to a journalistic narrative interview to travel writing while taking a trip.

There are many ways to earn money online writing articles. Someone who is in it for the long-term would find it very appropriate to diversify and attempt to make money writing articles in various categories for income security and future growth.

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