7 Best Trusted Websites to Make Money Online

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Online working has become an important source of earning a livelihood with the rapid growth of the internet. Everyone wants to make more money. Freelance work or part-time jobs are a good source of extra dollars. There are many ways of making money online from promoting products on social media platforms, freelance writers, playing games, online tutoring and getting paid to do online surveys. There are very many scammers on the internet pretending to offer people jobs only to end up conning them large sums of money. Here is a list of 7 trusted websites.

1. Fiverr

This is a freelance website where the minimum cost of services is $5.It is simple to navigate. You post the services you can give, and if anyone needs them, they pay you to do the work. It is a good site since it ensures you get paid before you finish the work. There is no marketing required, and you decide the terms of the work you will be offering.

2. Upwork

This is the world’s largest freelancing platform which consists of millions of users across the globe. Upwork allows clients to interview and hire freelancers through its platform. The site is easy to navigate and has a constant flow of jobs. It is also trustworthy as far as payments are concerned.

3. Craigslist

This is a hub of jobs to apply and work for. You only have to set up an account and build a portfolio to fit your qualifications. Clients are students looking get their work done quickly or local businesspeople. The advantage of this site is a constant flow of jobs and a low-pressure environment.

4. Paidverts

This is a paid to click type of site which you have to view an advert every 30 seconds. The minimum cash out is usually 2$.Earning in this site is very easy, but you have to understand how it works. Paidverts has been paying its members for many years and has earned a reputable name.

5. Marketglory

This is a game that can help you make free money. You earn much more by making referrals and is among the highest paying games online. It is simple to play and has a very friendly user interface. All countries are accepted, and the game charges a 20% fee on withdrawals.

6. Clixsense

This site offers very many high paying adverts for you to click and view. The site is popular and respected, and people earn a lot of money through clixsense. Participating in surveys, completing tasks, upgrade commissions and referral commissions are other ways to make money on Clixsense.

7. Skillshare

This is s site where you can be an online tutor, and you get paid for it. You record a series of videos on different topics you know about may it be hair, cooking or even coding. You receive a share of the money people pays to take your class.

With a list of legitimate websites, you will be able to make extra dollars from the comfort of your home using the internet and a computer.

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